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PP Filter Machine

PP Filter Machine
PP filter machine to achieve continuous pp filter production. Compared with the intermittent pp filter machine (production loss more than 35%, high cost, product quality instability), continuous production greatly reduces the consumption of raw materials, with high productivity, low power consumption, low wastage, easy to operate... Through the following improvements to the pp filter machine reached the current leading world level.
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Product Details

PP Filter Machine Introduction


Our machine tech date


Install Power

Actual Power






Voltage:AC 3P/380V/50HZ、AC 1P/220V/50HZ

Default ID:28mm

ID available:14-80mm

OD available:38-120mm

Length of filter cartridge:10”、20”、30”、40”、50”......

Surface of filter cartridge:Smooth,orange,Dotted,Grooved,Line,Logo...surface

Filter precision:0.5μm、1μm、5μm、10μm、20μm、30μm......200μm

layout:50㎡  100㎡ is better

Raw material:Polypropylene

Optional equipment:Carving machine,shrink packing machine,grooved machine

PP Filter Machine part details

One blower

One air heater

One controller

Two extruder

Two nozzle

Tow feeder

One receiver

One cutter

One oven

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