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Application Domain And Technical Parameters Of PP Yarn Winding Filter Cartridge Machine
Dec 05, 2017

PP yarn winding filter cartridge machine for use in the process has the characteristics of high yield and low energy, wuxi love jay beauty, machinery co., LTD., after many years of test run and update is committed to be the professional supplier of PP yarn filter machine.


Using for PP yarn winding filter cartridge machine

PP yarn winding filter cartridge machine can be used for chemical, grease, pharmaceutical, water purification, beverage, food and electronic, environmental protection and other industries.In the use of various requirements yarn, line filter core special molding machine.The machine has high speed, yarn forming, full line stop, quick change, low energy consumption and so on.


Technical parameters of PP yarn winding filter cartridge machine

1. Speed of PP yarn winding filter cartridge machine: 60-320m/min

2. Maximum diameter of PP yarn filter: 200mm (diameter > 200mm can be customized to customers within a limited range)

3. Power: ac380/220v 50hz

4. Motor power: 180w/ingot 250w/spindle motor speed: 2800r/min

5. The processing materials of PP yarn filter are mainly used by the customers for the products