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Work flow and flow rate of CTO carbon water filter cartridge machine
Dec 01, 2017

Activated carbon used in water treatment, already has a long history, the chloride preferred adsorption of water, for use in the process only needs the very short contact time can be finished, the CTO carbon water filter cartridge machine is mainly used for used for the chloride velocity can reach 10 GPM/ft2 or more. Activated carbon can adsorb the organic matter and organic matter trapped in loose on the surface, when the CTO carbon water filter cartridge machine used to remove the odor and smell in the water, the adsorption process need enough contact time, and work flow velocity should not be higher than 5 GPM/ft2.


The regeneration of CTO carbon water filter cartridge machine is very important, and the anti-washing speed should be carried out at 10gpm/ft2, about 10 minutes. Then there is the process of washing and discharging, about 5 minutes. For activated carbon backwashing will must be careful, otherwise fragile carbon will be broken and backwashing water flow away, and these organisms "attached to the carrier" will become more and more heavy and sink to the bottom of the filter, reducing the adsorption capacity of the filters. After a period of use, usually between two and four years, the adsorption capacity of the carbon will be depleted, and the filter bed must be replaced with new activated carbon


Technical Parameter of cto carbon water filter cartridge machine


1. The CTO carbon water filter cartridge machine mainly adopts its advanced automatic control system in the process of making the production, mainly by the addition of the activated carbon into the adhesive and the heating extrusion. 

2. CTO activated carbon filter can be continuously different for 24 hours

3. Rated power: 16.45kw/set

4. Actual power: 8kw/h when the machine is up and running

5. Raw materials: activated carbon and PE glue

6. Internal diameter: internal diameter 32mm

7. Outer diameter: the default outer diameter of 63 mm

8. Filter core length: 5 inches, 10 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches, other dimensions can be customized

9. Output: if the cooling system directly cools the carbon rod, the output is 300 to 400mm per minute, if the cooling system directly cools the mold of the extruder, the output is 150 to 200mm per minute.

10. Size range: inner diameter 9mm- 100mm, outside diameter range 29mm-150mm

Note: the extruder only has an inner diameter, such as internal diameter 30mm, outside diameter 63mm.If you need other dimensions, you need to replace the extruder mould


The workflow of CTO activated carbon filter machine

Automatic mixer - automatic feeder - extruder & worktable - cutter - dust collection