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Whether the filter production line contains filter production equipment and equipment manufacturer requirements
Oct 15, 2018

The filter cartridge production equipment, through these words, can be known, this is the equipment used to produce the filter element, so as long as it can meet this, it can be called the filter production equipment, and its main representative is the filter machine. Machine equipment, so, in order to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding, the following will carry out the learning work of the filter production equipment to achieve the purpose.

1. Is the type and composition of the filter production equipment related to the product?

The type and composition of the filter production equipment, from the professional point of view, is related to the product, mainly related to the product type, because different types of filter elements, there will be different and corresponding filter production equipment and equipment, in order to pass Equipment to get the desired filter product, at the same time, can also avoid various problems.

2.What is a power-saving PP filter production line? Does it include filter production equipment?

The power-saving PP filter production line is a PP filter production line that can realize the functions of power saving and energy saving. In terms of composition, there are automatic feeding mechanism, screw extrusion device, spinning box and spinning die. , receiving vehicle, testing platform and packaging platform, etc., wherein the automatic feeding mechanism is connected to the screw extrusion device. As for whether there is a filter production equipment on the filter production line, from the above description, the answer is that the power-saving PP filter production line has a filter production equipment, specifically a PP filter production equipment.

3. Is there an air filter production equipment on the air filter production line? Does it have a control system?

The air filter production line is mainly used for producing a filter cartridge of an air filter cartridge, and in the production line, there is an air filter production device, and the air filter production device is one of the filter element production equipment. In addition, the air filter production line is a control system. In the specific operation, the industrial computer can be used as a control center, and an input/output interface card, a control cabinet panel, a position sensor and a control panel are inserted in the industrial computer bus or the external device interconnection bus slot. The glue head and the input/output interface card are connected by a cable, and the motor driver is connected to the analog/digital-to-analog conversion card through a cable.

4. Does the manufacturer of the filter production equipment provide relevant information to the user?

The manufacturer of the filter production equipment is to provide the relevant information of the product to the user. Because the product is delivered at the factory, the manufacturer will provide the corresponding product specification, or the instruction manual of the equipment, as well as the technical parameters, operation method and related circuit diagram of the equipment. Such materials, so that users can correctly operate the filter production equipment, in order to get a good quality filter.https://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/