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The main equipment and parameters of melt blown pp filter machine
Jan 15, 2018

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the production tasks, the equipment needed will be prepared in the first place.In fact, in a whole set of melt blown pp filter machine , including different equipment.The melt blown pp filter machine contains an extruder device, which has about 22 kilowatts of motor in the equipment, including a 5 area of cast aluminum heating sheath, which has a total of 20KW in each area of 1000W x 4pcs.


Under normal circumstances, the composition of melt blown pp filter machine will ready in advance in a cast aluminum heating jacket as backup, and be prepared to the ladder, hopper, storage tank, screw removal tools and spare motor belt, etc.Another also includes automatic net changer, hydraulic station 1, 1 set of extra high pressure oil pipe, sealing ring, and a net changer, heating power 1.4 KW, remove the 1 set of tools and several mesh, etc., generally need to prepare a year consumption


In addition, the composition of melt blown pp filter machine contains a melt distributor.Under normal circumstances, the heating power of the melt distributor can be up to 15KW, standby heating rod 5pc, high temperature valve 6pcs, air pressure gauge 6, standby each.In addition, there are six CPG metering pumps, six metering pumps, two spare, etc.

In addition to the above mentioned equipment, there are two receiving systems for melt blown pp filter machine in operation.Including receiving axis machine 4 units, 1.6 KW, filter surface heat treatment of 500 w x 2 and two sets of Φ 28 receiving axis.


In addition to these components, there are many other devices in a full set of melt blown pp filter machine.In the production process, the operator should adjust the operation parameters of the melt blown pp filter machine in advance according to the production requirements to ensure that the production requirements are met.