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The adsorption and sealing properties of active carbon filter are produced by CTO active carbon filter cartridge machine
Nov 03, 2017

Active carbon filter in the production of CTO active carbon filter cartridge machine using activated carbon particles effectively join the binder heating sintering and its filter the innermost for polypropylene skeleton, mainly to increase the filter pressure intensity, the CTO of the activated carbon filter machine skeleton package has two layers of polypropylene superfine fiber felt, can stop the liquid through carbon core, out of more than 10 micron particles.


CTO filter of CTO active cabon filter cartridge machine package activated carbon filter machine has two layers of polypropylene superfine fiber felt, can stop more than 10-20 micron particles in the liquid, so that it will make the filter have the double function of filtration and purification, the outermost layer of white plastic nets, this will make filter has the complete appearance and neat appearance.


The filter of CTO active carbon filter cartridge machine will be equipped with a soft butyl rubber end cover, and the filter cartridge will have a good sealing after loading the filter cartridge.The finished activated carbon filter is sealed with plastic thin film to prevent the filter core from being polluted and keep the filter element fresh.


The activated carbon filter of CTO active carbon filter cartridge machine has a good adsorption effect, which can effectively remove the residual chlorine, odor, color and organic materials of water.Activated carbon filter, according to the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon, activated carbon is mainly used for removing the pollutants in the water, decoloring, filtering, purifying liquid, gas, also used for the purification of air and waste recycling.


Activated carbon is mainly made of materials with high carbon content, such as wood, coal, fruit shell, bone, petroleum residue, etc.The coconut shell is the most commonly used raw material. Under the same conditions, the active quality of coconut shell activity and other characteristics are the best, because it has the largest ratio surface.