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Comparison and production methods of CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine
Feb 09, 2018

CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine , although its name is very long, but in essence, it is a filter element for producing CTO activated carbon, so it will have a specific name of CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine .Also, it should be familiar and understood, because it is possible to use to get CTO activated carbon filter.Therefore, the introduction of CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine is described below.


1.CTO activated carbon in CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine , what does it mean?Is it different from ordinary activated carbon?

CTO activated carbon (CTO) is a kind of activated carbon, which is a kind of activated carbon.However, compared with ordinary activated carbon, there are some differences, mainly for:


Difference between 1: on the use of performance, compression, activated carbon is the CTO of active carbon performance, because it is using high quality activated carbon powder and a variety of special formula, and improvements in the manufacturing process, therefore, can make deep filter, to improve the filtering effect.


Difference between 2: has a strong adsorption ability, because it is made full use of powder adhesive materials, and with high adsorption capacity of activated carbon, and natural activation forming at high temperature, so, just can have such a good adsorption performance.


Difference between 3: to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, because it is used the natural carbon raw materials, and does not add any adhesives, therefore, is a purely physical way of filtering, a relatively small pressure loss, is don't need to use electricity.


2. To get CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine , is there any other production method or equipment besides using CTO activated carbon filter?

If you want to get the filter element of CTO activated carbon filter, then you can use CTO activated carbon filter, and it can be used to guarantee the product quality.However, in addition to this equipment, CTO activated carbon production line can be used to get the same product for use.


3.CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine , CTO activated carbon, is the same as UDF activated carbon?

CTOproduction by CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine with the UDF, activated carbon is in the major categories of activated carbon, but the UDF is refers to the granular activated carbon, activated carbon, therefore, they on the filtering performance and effect, not exactly the same.However, in action, as a whole, it is the same, it is the interception of impurities and adsorption odor.